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After several years in the prestigious real estate transaction in Paris and the management of a real estate concierge company, we offer all the services related to Parisian real estate.

Our history

After 10 years in luxury real estate, we have joined forces to create L'apartment, an agency developed to support you and respond to all your requests, to support you throughout your project. An agency truly turned towards its customers, towards you.


We wanted to bring you what we did not find, the real comfort of having a referent who can accompany you from the purchase of your apartment to the sale through all the intermediate stages such as works, rental or even the investment.

Why L'Appartement: because we wanted offices and reception areas  converted into apartments, in the image of your search or what you may wish to sell. We wanted a welcoming and confidential setting,  away from traditional agencies.

With the network of partners that we have developed, specialists can answer each of your questions by providing you with a qualified answer.

The team and partners of   

Our clients  and partners

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